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Machinery is often too large to send to our workshop.

Active's lineboring division brings our quality workshop service out to the customer's site. 

Fully-mobile lineboring:

On-site lineboring saves our customers the cost and downtime involved in disassembling and shipping equipment. It also allows the repair process to be carried out under the customer's oversight. Active's equipment has all been sourced, designed or custom-built so that even in the field we can work to strict tolerances and meet the highest factory standards.

An experienced team and our fleet of mobile vans means we can provide a rapid response for on-site emergency repairs, modifications or planned maintenance. Our vans are well-stocked so we rarely need to interrupt our work to leave site. For larger projects we have specialised equipment in transportable units that can be quickly shipped to site.

Active's lineboring staff are master craftsmen, skilled in fitting and turning, welding, tool making and mechanical problem-solving. Our work includes hole building and boring (up to 16 per day), fabrication, crack repairs, rebuilds, joint and pivot repairs and maintenance. We always carry stock of high quality Acti-Bush hardened pins and bushes to get equipment running again in the shortest possible time.

Specialist equipment:
Active Engineering's shaft lathe PL3000 photoPortable PL3000 shaft lathe
Active's standard shaft lathe has a fast on-site set-up time. It can machine diameters from 60 - 279mm and has a reach of 406mm. 
See our shaft lathe in action.
Active Engineering PL4000 photoPortable PL4000 shaft lathe
Our PL4000 shaft lathe can machine diameters up to 609mm with a 685mm reach. It can be used to cut grooves and re-turn both straight and tapered shafts. Once the mounting plate is prepared, set-up time is only 30 minutes.
Active Engineering flange facer photoTransportable flange facers
We have both FF24 and FF40 transportable flange facers which can face up to 1.7m. They have been used to work on many sites including crane slew rings and Navy gun turrets. See our flange facer in action.
Active Engineering key mill photoPortable key mill
We have a Climax KM3000 portable key mill for flat milling and full-depth keyway cutting up to 25mm.
Active Engineering portable boring machine photoPortable boring machine
Our Climax BB1149 needs very little clearance so is ideal for tight spaces and challenging on-site applications. This machine can carry out blind boring, line boring, drilling and facing up to 609mm diameter and 914mm stroke.
Active Engineering alignment laser photoShaft alignment laser
Active Engineering has laser alignment equipment which is purpose-built by our team for on-site work. It is used to ensure precise centering and alignment of shafts and bores and for setting bearings and couplings.
Active Engineering lineboring van photoMobile lineboring fleet
Our lineboring vans are equipped with specialised gear and tooling to carry out work on our customers' sites.

Our customers:

Active Engineering is one of the largest portable lineboring operations in New Zealand, supporting the marine industry, earthmoving, forestry, roading and power stations, and many smaller operations that need on-site engineering assistance. We also operate in the wider Asia-Pacific region, often servicing port equipment and super yachts.

Our customers value our work because we provide a quality service in an acceptable time frame, at an acceptable price. Our on-site services are carried out to the same high safety standards that we meet in our workshop. Find out more about our customers' success stories.
The lineboring team:

Active Engineering lineboring team photoBetween them, the Active lineboring staff have been solving complex engineering problems for more than 60 years. 

Click on the team photo to find out more about the lineboring team members.

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